Nasal irrigator-II-B

Scope of application: suitable for nasal cleaning, moistening and nasal irrigation

  Product Name: Nasal irrigator

  Product Model:BCX/003-300

  Packing specification: 1/box

  ProductsFilingNo.: Chuan Rong Xie Bei No. 20170113

  Product Technical Requirements No:Chuan Rong Xie Bei No. 20170113

  Product production recordNo.: Sichuan Rong Food and Drug Administration Machinery Production No. 20170021

  Main structure and performanceIt is usually composed of flushing head and bottle body (airbag) and other accessories, and is generally made of polyethylene, polypropylene and other polymer materials; the product is a non-sterile product.

1-Bottle body; 2-Bottle cap; 3-Flushing head; 4-Check valve

  Scope of application:Suitable for nasal cleaning, moisturizing and nasal irrigation use

  Product Usage

First, pour the lotion into the bottle of the nasal irrigator according to the specified proportion (warm pure water of about 37 ℃, feel slightly hot with your fingers), cover the bottle and shake it well. This product does not contain flushing liquid.

2. Lean your upper body forward, lower your head, slightly tilt to one side, press the bottle body check valve with your fingers, turn the bottle body upside down, put the flushing head close to one side of the nasal cavity, slightly open your mouth, breathe calmly with your mouth, loosen the check valve, the flushing fluid will automatically clean the nasal cavity, or you can gently pinch and loosen the center of the bottle body rhythmically and repeatedly, thus flushing the nasal cavities on both sides alternately.


1. Wash your hands before use.

2. The product is provided in a non-sterile way. Disinfect with boiling water for 2 minutes before use. After use, clean the nasal irrigator with warm boiled water and dry it.

3, the pressure of the flushing fluid into the nasal cavity is controlled by the strength of the hand.

4, children under the age of 12 with caution, if necessary, under the guidance of a doctor or nurse. Place where children cannot touch.

5. Cross-use of this product is prohibited.

Avoid contact with corrosive liquids and gases.

7, for the health of you and others, after abandoning, please destroy the shape first, and dispose of it according to the daily garbage.


  Storage mode

This product should be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place, indoor should be able to avoid direct sunlight, away from corrosive gases.

  Production date/lot numberSee outer packing box

  Duration of use: The product is valid for two years from the date of production.

  Product Filing PersonChengdu Lanrun Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

  Name of production enterprise and after-sales service unit: Chengdu Lanrun Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

  ResidenceLongtan Industrial Park, Section 2, East Third Ring Road, Chenghua District, Chengdu

  Production Address: Building 22, No. 468, West Section of Logistics Avenue, Mengyang Town Industrial Concentrated Development Point, Pengzhou City, Chengdu

  Contact Information/after-sales service telephone:028-84215628


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