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Structure and composition: sea salt nasal irrigator: by nasal irrigator and nasal wash salt (sea salt) composition. This product is supplied in non-sterile form.

  Product NameSea salt nasal irrigator

  ModelSpecifications: HCX-B-300 capacity: 300ml

  Packing specification: 1 nasal irrigator/box nasal irrigation salt (sea salt) 2.7g × 30 packs

  Medical Device Registration CertificateEditorNo./Product Technical Requirements No:Chuanxie Injection 20212140111

  Medical Device Production License Number: Sichuan Food and Drug Administration Machinery Production Xu 20160031

  structure and compositionSea salt nasal irrigator: consists of a nasal irrigator and nasal salt (sea salt). This product is supplied in non-sterile form.

Among them, the HCX-B-300 nasal irrigator is composed of a bottle body, a connecting tube, a bottle cap, a liquid spray nozzle, an air inlet valve and a dust cover.

  Scope of application: Suitable for nasal irrigation to keep the nasal cavity clean and moist.

  Method of use

1. After washing hands, clean the nasal irrigator, pour a bag of 2.7g nasal irrigator (sea salt) into the nasal irrigator, pour clean warm water into the nasal irrigator to 300 ml scale line, cover the bottle cap, shake well, and the water temperature should be comfortable for yourself.

2. Remove the dust cover, lean forward, lower your head, and slightly tilt your head to one side. Slowly approach the nasal cavity on one side, slightly open your mouth, breathe calmly with your mouth, gently pinch and loosen with your hand, and repeatedly squeeze the center of the bottle rhythmically to slowly inject the solution into the nasal cavity (note: be sure to gently pinch and let go, so that the bottle returns to its original shape, instead of pinching to the bottom), and flushing on both sides alternately.


  nasal irrigator

Connection strength: the connection of each component shall be firm, and shall not fall off or break under the action of pulling force ≥ 5N for 15s.

Tightness: there should be no leakage at each connection, and the inner cavity should not be blocked.


1. Wash your hands before use.

2. Clean the nasal irrigator with warm boiled water before and after use and dry it.

3. The pressure of the cleaning liquid entering the nasal cavity is controlled by the strength of the hand.

4, in order to achieve the best use effect, the solution should be ready for use, and avoid the temperature of the solution is too cold or too hot. The unused solution shall not be reused.

Children should be used under the supervision of adults or under the guidance of medical personnel. Place where children cannot touch.

6. Cross-use of this product is prohibited.

Avoid contact with corrosive liquids and gases.

8, for the health of you and others, after abandoning, please destroy the shape first, and then dispose of the garbage according to daily life.

  Contraindications:Large area of nasal trauma and nasal serious blockage, as well as severe sodium chloride metabolism disorders and allergies are prohibited.

  Storage method: This product should be stored in a dry, well-ventilated clean room, indoor should be able to avoid direct sunlight, away from corrosive gases.

  Production date/lot numberSee outer box or outer bag

  Duration of use: The product is valid for 2 years from the date of production.

  Name of Registrant:Chengdu Lanrun Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

  Name of production enterprise and after-sales service unit: Chengdu Lanrun Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

  ResidenceLongtan Industrial Park, Section 2, East Third Ring Road, Chenghua District, Chengdu

  Production Address: Building 22, No. 468, West Section of Logistics Avenue, Mengyang Town Industrial Concentrated Development Point, Pengzhou City, Chengdu

  Contact Information/after-sales service telephone:028-84215628

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