Cleaning ball

This product is suitable for personal daily cleaning use.

This product is suitable for personal daily cleaning use.

[product color] blue

"Product specifications" large: 289ml, medium: 225ml, small: 89ml

[product specification] plastic bag packaging

Medical supplies and medical devices are essential tools and equipment in the medical field to diagnose, treat and monitor diseases. Their use is essential to safeguard the health of patients and the safety of medical personnel. Medical supplies include disposable medical supplies and pharmaceuticals. Disposable medical consumables refer to products that are discarded after use, such as nasal irrigators, physiological seawater nasal sprayers, enemators, gynecological irrigators, nasal irrigators, nasal lavage salts, etc. These products have the effect of preventing cross-infection and infection, and effectively protect the safety of patients and medical staff. Medicines are an important part of medical supplies used to treat and relieve the symptoms of disease.

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