Characteristics and application of medical bowel-clearing device for bowel enema

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Characteristics and application methods of medical defecation and bowel clearing device with enema

The functions and characteristics of the medical defecation and bowel clearing device of the enema include the following aspects: the 1. is safe, the commodity can pass through the pressurization of the airbag, and the control of the water flow. 2. hygiene, group specialized supplies, some parts are mostly disposable, enema is clean water, hygiene is harmful. Convenient 3., small size and light weight of goods, easy to carry. 4. the operation is complex, without the help of others, I can complete the operation alone. The application method of the medical defecation and bowel clearing device of the enema is to put 1000 ml of warm water into the container, quietly push the flushing head into the anus, put the long liquid inlet tube at the other end of the airbag into the container, repeatedly knead and press the airbag in the hand tightly, and the lotion can be injected into the intestine for about five minutes and then released. Stop once or twice a day, or follow your doctor's advice.

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