The commodity structure of the medical defecation and bowel clearing device of the enema is.

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The secondary components of the medical defecation and bowel cleaning device include liquid inlet pipe, liquid outlet pipe, flushing head, air bag, two-way outlet valve, etc., of which the long pipe is the liquid inlet pipe and the short pipe is the liquid outlet pipe. All parts of this product are made of medical grade polymer materials. Commodity operation is convenient and quick. Each commodity will undergo strict standards of disinfection and sterilization packaging, and the safety function of the commodity meets the requirements of the registered commodity specification. In addition, the whole structure of the medical bowel enema device is meticulous and tight, which can control the flow of intestinal liquid very well and has good safety and well-being. It is suitable for intestinal cleaning before surgery in hospitals, anorectal injection, laxative bowel and home hospitals.

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