Introduction and application of medical bowel enema bowel clearing device

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Medical bowel enema bowel clearing device is a portable defecation device, commodity structure design is reasonable, small volume, reasonable structure, contact with the skin of the parts using disposable equipment, health and health. In addition, the product has good sealing performance, is convenient to use with one hand and is suitable for family use, which can deal with the chagrin of patients going to the hospital to defecate. The commodity is not only excellent quality, reasonable price, low cost, and convenient for patients to use. The principle of medical defecation bowel enema is a physical principle and does not require the use of any chemicals or drugs. The product can be operated by itself, only need to be loaded with some warm and pure clean water, which is convenient and fast, and there is no other reaction. Moreover, the product is not large in volume and heavy in weight. For those with poor defecation, it is an ideal choice at home or out.

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