Medical gynecological irrigators are widely used in hospitals.

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What are the characteristics of medical gynecological irrigator

medical gynecological irrigator is very popular in the use of hospitals, then medical gynecological irrigator in the end what are the characteristics of it?

1. High degree of automation. Can replace the original cumbersome manual operation process, and greatly improve the work efficiency.

2, can control the temperature. Automated design, can protect the patient from being scalded.

3. When flushing, the water flow can be controlled according to the specific situation to avoid waste.

The machine will not directly contact the patient during use to prevent infection.

5. Foot switch, easy to operate.

6. Do not rinse when heating, and do not heat when washing to improve safety.

7. With liquid level alarm function, it will remind you to add medicine in time.

8. Beautiful appearance, easy to move, suitable for use in multiple departments of the hospital, and can also save budget.

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