Pay attention to the gynecological irrigator. You must not use it like this.

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Pay attention to gynecological irrigator you must not use it like this!

I believe everyone should know something about gynecological irrigators. After all, it has many uses in the treatment and prevention of gynecological diseases. However, do you know how to use gynecological irrigators, and do you know the taboos in use?

First of all, this product can only be used by itself, not with others, to avoid mutual infection.

Secondly, this product cannot be used during menstruation or when there is a wound in the vagina that is still bleeding (such as just after production), so as to avoid infection or secondary damage to the wound. Pregnant women need to ask the doctor's opinion before using.

Again, the rinse nozzle is disposable and needs to be replaced with a new rinse nozzle when used again.

Finally, this product is a product that is in close contact with the female body. If the packaging is found to be damaged, it should not be used.

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