Detailed explanation of the method of using gynecological irrigator

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Detailed explanation of the use method of gynecological irrigator

Gynecological irrigators are now used more and more widely in the treatment of gynecological diseases and women's daily care. So how is this product used?

1. wash the product, and the special agent in accordance with the requirements of the proportion of good deployment;

After the 2. product is prepared, install the rinse nozzle to one end of the airbag in the direction of the arrow;

3. put the end of the straw of the irrigator into the bottle with the agent and push the irrigation mouth into the vagina;

4. hand pinch the airbag, the flushing fluid can flush the affected area;

Disassemble and discard the flushing nozzle after the 5. is flushed, and clean the flusher with cold boiled water or normal saline and dry it for the next use.

The above is the detailed steps for the use of gynecological irrigators, and the steps should be in accordance with the instructions in the product's own box.

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