What is the appropriate water temperature in the nasal irrigator?

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How many degrees of water temperature in nasal irrigator is good?

In fact, we also know that nasal irrigators are still very practical, so many people will buy them. At the same time, the nasal irrigator also needs to be mixed with some water when it is used, so some people also say that the water temperature in the nasal irrigator is better?

If when it comes to the water temperature in the nasal irrigator, it is best to be similar to the human body temperature, why do you say that? Because when the water in the nasal irrigator will pass through the nasal cavity, and if the water temperature is very low, it will definitely cause everyone's choking water, will not let the nasal cavity adapt, will also cause some harm. And if the temperature of the water is too high, it will also cause burns, and there will be more trouble at that time.

Therefore, it can be said that the water temperature of the nasal irrigator is best to be almost the same as the human body temperature, so that the best effect can be achieved.

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