Is the gynecological irrigator used in the hospital safe?

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At present, the clinical flushing method is mostly manual operation, the disadvantage of manual flushing is that the pressure is too high or too low, it is difficult to control, and the flushing is not thorough. Flushing fluid can not be heated, can not heat preservation, easy to cause the waste of liquid medicine. Disinfection level can not meet the clinical requirements, not suitable for outpatient work, difficult to meet the requirements of health standards. Now on the market launched a special medical gynecological irrigator, can be a good solution to these problems. This kind of machine generally adopts automatic constant temperature system, which is accurate, convenient and safe to operate, and can also solve the embarrassment and inconvenience of doctors and patients during traditional manual flushing. All these are conducive to improving the work efficiency of medical staff and speeding up the recovery time of patients.

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