Now the gynecological irrigator on the market more and more yuan

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Is the household electric gynecological irrigator easy to use? What are the advantages

Now the gynecological irrigator on the market is more and more diversified, not only the traditional manual irrigator, but also the manufacturer has introduced the household electric gynecological irrigator. In addition to the most basic flushing function, some have also added other health care functions. Taking a certain brand of household electric washer as an example, the product characteristics of this washer are introduced. First, it has a double flushing function, that is, it can be washed with ozone at night, or it can be washed with magnetized small molecule flushing liquid made of pure water. Second, the precision polymer flushing head is round and smooth, suitable in size, easy to enter, and does not hurt the skin. Third, it has the effect of activating cells and skin care.

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