How to correctly use the use of gynecological irrigator

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How to use the gynecological irrigator correctly? First of all, the bottle of the sprayer should be installed correctly, and then the inner suction liquid tube should be inserted into the nozzle rod under the bottle cap. Then tear open the medicine bag and pour the powder into the empty bottle. Inject warm water or clean water of appropriate temperature to a certain scale line, this step should be carried out according to the instructions or drug use rules. When washing, stand in the bathroom, hold the irrigator in your right hand, flush the headband at an angle upward to the pudendal region, separate the labia with your left hand, and insert the head into the vagina. At this time, the right hand squeezes the flushing bottle firmly to let the liquid medicine be quickly drawn out after spraying (so as not to cause pollution caused by the liquid medicine sprayed into the vagina flowing back into the bottle). The operation process should be about 10 minutes until the liquid medicine is sprayed out.

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