Divided into medical gynecological irrigator and household gynecological irrigator

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How to choose gynecological irrigator? Gynecological irrigator is specially used for female vaginal cleaning, divided into medical gynecological irrigator and household gynecological irrigator. Women in the purchase of household gynecological irrigator, should be based on the following points as the purchase criteria. First, it is necessary to identify the irrigators produced by regular manufacturers. Some flusher manufacturers do not have relevant qualification certificates. When purchasing, pay attention to the products of large brands and reputable manufacturers. Second, check whether the quality of the flusher passes. From the appearance point of view, the design of the flusher should be ergonomic, especially to see whether the design of the flushing head is reasonable, it is best not to have a water outlet at the top. Third, check the instructions to see if the contents in the instructions are standardized and detailed.

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