Why do eight out of ten women use gynecological irrigators?

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There is a saying that ten women eight inflammation, many women in this life will inevitably deal with gynecological inflammation, this is really because the female body is too easy to be inflammatory infection. First of all, the female genital structure is inherently special, and the vagina has much contact with the outside. Even teenage girls have had cases of gynecological inflammation due to inattention to personal hygiene. Secondly, women have a "good friend" to visit once a month. Every month, there is a 1/4 of time to be in a state of wet and sticky vagina, more secretions, and abnormal smell. Many girls feel worse during this period. In addition, women will experience having children after marriage, and the probability of gynecological inflammation during pregnancy and postpartum infection will be greatly increased. Usually appropriate use of gynecological irrigator to do personal cleaning, can prevent the occurrence of inflammation.

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