Medical defecation bowel cleaner can carry intestinal guard

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Mobile phone software has guards, computers have guards, have you ever heard of intestinal guards? Intestinal also have guards? Maybe you will say that the intestinal flora is the guardian of the intestinal tract. That's right, but the guardian of the intestinal tract you want to talk about today is not in the human body, but it can be carried by people. It is a medical defecation and bowel clearing device. As the name implies, it is to discharge the feces in the body and clean the intestinal tract of the human body. It can make the intestinal tract cleaner and healthier. It is a medical defecation and small in size, however, the role of intestinal protection for people with constipation is not small, and because of its small size, it is convenient to carry, and it is really an intestinal guard that can be carried with you.

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