What are the characteristics of medical gynecological irrigators used in hospitals

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What are the characteristics of medical gynecological irrigator? Medical gynecological irrigator is a professional cleaning women's lower body medical equipment, what are its characteristics. The medical gynecological irrigator is characterized by a high degree of automation, replacing a large number of manual operations in the past, improving work efficiency and reducing labor costs. Heating, heat preservation automation, can make patients feel warm and comfortable, at the same time, over temperature protection function, to prevent patients and users scald. The use of medical gynecological irrigator can also control the flow size, to achieve the most ideal cleaning and treatment effect, to avoid waste. Heating does not rinse, flushing does not heat, safe and reliable. In addition, the flushing adopts a foot-operated switch for easy operation. The use of the process will not directly contact the patient, to prevent cross infection.

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