Can minors use a nasal irrigator to irrigate?

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Nowadays, many young people suffer from rhinitis, so they also want to use a nasal irrigator to wash the bacteria in their nasal cavity, and see if this will be of great help to their rhinitis. So some people also say that minors can use nasal irrigators?

In fact, it can be said that minors can still use nasal irrigators, but it does not mean that all minors can use them, and it is also necessary to ensure that they are under six years old. Because children under the age of six have not yet fully developed the inside of their nasal cavity, and if they use a nasal irrigator at this time, it will not be of much benefit to their nasal cavity development, and it will have a negative impact on its development.

Therefore, from the above, it can be known that minors can actually use nasal irrigators, but children under the age of six should be more careful when using them.

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