Do you want to use a gynecological irrigator to clean before going to the hospital?

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Can you use a gynecological irrigator before seeing a doctor? Some female friends want to see a doctor because they have gynecological inflammation, and worry that the doctor will feel embarrassed when he sees the lower body. So some people will clean themselves at home with a gynecological irrigator before seeing a doctor. Is it appropriate to do so? In fact, there is no need to do so. First of all, the doctor will not mind the patient's symptoms, patients should relax, adjust the state of mind. Secondly, after the gynecological irrigator is flushed, going to the hospital for gynecological examination will affect the doctor's judgment, resulting in the inability to know the real cause and condition. In addition, gynecological irrigator if used improperly, will be counterproductive, increase the degree of inflammation of department of gynaecology.

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