The medical defecation and bowel clearing device can easily discharge the accumulated feces.

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The child has just started to go to school and cannot adapt well to the new teacher, new friends and new environment. He is always nervous, afraid of poor academic performance, nervous teacher's homework is not done well, and he starts to get angry after a long time. It takes several days to defecate once. It is the time when the metabolism of children is vigorous. As long as there is no defecation for a day, parents will be worried. It is always unsafe to use medicine for children, so use a medical defecation and bowel clearing device, which is easy to operate and easy to discharge the feces accumulated in the body, because it will not hurt and the child can defecate without crying or making noise. The medical defecation and bowel clearing device allows parents to stop worrying about their children's defecation problems and solve their children's constipation problems.

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