Bacteria is a relationship between vaginitis and gynecological irrigators

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Bacterial vaginitis is a common disease in women's inflammation. It is mainly caused by vaginal gartner bacteria. It is generally manifested as an increase in vaginal secretions, which is thin and homogeneous or thin paste, and the color is gray or gray. Yellow, fishy smell, accompanied by mild itching. Prevention of bacterial vaginosis, can be through the following aspects. First, develop healthy living habits, go to bed early and get up early, do not stay up late, do not smoke and drink, and have a light diet. Second, maintain exercise habits and enhance body resistance. More sun, more aerobic exercise. Third, pay attention to personal hygiene, take a bath frequently, change clothes frequently, and dry and sterilize clothes in the sun. Fourth, careful use of gynecological irrigator, do not use a variety of shower gel, commercially available lotion casually cleaning vagina, do not use inferior gynecological irrigator. Fifth, have a healthy sex life and use condoms.

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