Traditional medical vaginal gynecological irrigator what damage

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What are the disadvantages of traditional medical vaginal gynecological irrigators? At the top of the list, the outlet of the traditional medical vaginal gynecological irrigators is large, and the water flow is circular, which leads to the diffusion of water to the surrounding when the water is discharged, and the irrigation cannot be effectively completed. Second, the liquid storage capacity is small, and it is required to install flushing liquid repeatedly, which is inconvenient to operate and forms waste. Third, the workmanship is rough, the material is not good and there are burrs. The flushing rod is either too long to hurt the cervix or too short to reach the flushing effect. Third, there is no precise scale line in the bottle body, and the concentration of diluted drugs is difficult to control. Some women mistakenly think that the higher the concentration, the better. Fourth, because the planning of the shortcomings of the simple formation of sewage reflux. Fifth, there is no use clarifying the book.

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