Does the medical vaginal gynecological irrigator use more vaginitis?

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There are many reasons why women get gynecological inflammation, the primary woman's genital structure, especially the vaginal opening and urethral opening, anus is very close, if you do not pay attention to personal hygiene when going to the toilet, did not wipe the excrement clean, very brief cause vaginal bacterial infection. Second, women's special physiological period is also a period that often causes inflammation. Various secretions during the physiological period will increase, and because sanitary napkins are padded, private parts are not breathable and bacteria multiply briefly. Third, the incorrect use of medical vaginal gynecological irrigators, some women like to use their own medical vaginal gynecological irrigators for cleaning, think that it is more hygienic, but it is not. Inferior, unsterilized irrigators, and irregular operations may cause gynecological inflammation.

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