What liquid to choose when using a medical vaginal gynecological irrigator

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What flushing fluid to choose when using a medical vaginal gynecological irrigator

Women in the use of medical vaginal gynecological irrigator, should choose what rinse? For different symptoms of gynecological inflammation should use different lotions, now on the market many gynecological inflammation of the lotion, how to choose? Daily days often see the advertisement is Jieeryin lotion, but pay attention to the ingredients inside the formula, whether it is consistent with their own inflammation may have any conflict. Generally speaking, some mild ones should be selected. Some women think that the stronger the concentration of the lotion, the higher the medicinal properties, the better. In fact, it is not. Flushing fluid on the vagina itself is a bad stimulus, if the drug effect is too strong will not only wash off the bad bacteria, will also wash off the good bacteria together, the formation of vaginal acid-base imbalance, so that it can not reach the healing effect.

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