Enema medical defecation bowel clearing device can defecate every day

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Do you know that a normal person defecates once or twice a day, while a constipated person needs three or four talents to stop defecating once. Imagine that toxic stool is repeatedly absorbed in the human body for three to four days, how many times it will be absorbed, and how it will affect the well-being of the human body, toxins, stool accumulation in the intestinal tract, temporary constipation, it will also lead to the accumulation of carcinogens. Some people say that the harm of people not defecating a day is like the harm caused by smoking three packs of cigarettes at one time. Obviously, the importance of defecation every day, enema medical defecation and bowel clearing device, want to defecate can not rely on defecation only you want to defecate, enema medical defecation and bowel clearing device, so that you can defecate every day.

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