Enema Medical Defecation and Intestinal Clearance Guarding Your Intestinal Ankang

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The most indirect result of constipation is the stool, but many people know the word stool, but they underestimate the stool. The stool is a very risky thing to the human body. It can produce many kinds of toxins and cause pathogenic bacteria. On the battlefield of intestinal flora, if harmless pathogenic bacteria occupy the downwind, then the intestinal movement will be blocked, the intestinal peristalsis will be weakened, and harmless residues will accumulate on the inner wall, and ultimately cause intestinal disease. The enema medical defecation and bowel clearing device discharges the stool from the body, allowing harmless pathogenic bacteria to hide. The enema medical defecation and bowel clearing device allows the intestinal tract to move normally again, thus increasing the fighting power of pathogenic bacteria and protecting the intestinal health of you and your family.

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