Can ordinary salt be used with a nasal irrigator to wash the nose?

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When buying a nasal irrigator, the general merchants will give you some nasal washing salt, which is used in conjunction with nasal washing. However, many people will also be curious, that is, when using a nasal irrigator to wash the nose, can you also use some ordinary salt water to wash the nose?

When using a nasal irrigator to wash the nose, it is recommended that you must use a special nasal salt instead of the ordinary salt water in your own home. This seems to be salt water, but it is not the same thing at all. Moreover, the salt water of edible salt will cause great damage to the nasal mucosa, and a careless one will hurt the nasal mucosa, so do not use it at will when washing the nose. When you run out of nasal washing salt at home, you can buy some nasal washing salt to wash your nose with nasal irrigator.

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