Can medical vaginal gynecological irrigators be commonly used harmful?

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Can medical vaginal gynecological irrigators be used frequently? What's the harm?

Can medical vaginal and gynecological irrigators be often used? Why do doctors not advocate the frequent use of medical vaginal and gynecological irrigators? The reason is the top one. Vaginal irrigation will operate the normal structure of fallopian tubes and briefly cause salpingitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, etc. Second, some of the solutions used for cleaning are drugs prescribed by doctors, and some are drugs purchased by users themselves. The effectiveness and dosage of the liquid medicine distributed by themselves cannot be guaranteed. Third, the medical vaginal gynecological irrigator in the flushing briefly to the original presence of pathogens in the vagina to the deeper organs, causing infection in other parts. Fourth, the irrigation fluid itself on the mucosal arrangement and the epithelial structure of the fallopian tube has a bad stimulating effect, should not be frequently operated.

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