Intestinal enema medical defecation clearing bowel clearing bowel purging a wash

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Intestinal enema medical defecation and bowel clearing device can be washed once

As an important organ of the human body, once the intestinal tract shows achievements, the results are incredible. To keep the intestinal tract clean, it also needs to be washed on a regular basis. How to wash, what to wash, go to the hospital to wash feel inconvenient, want to wash at home I don't know what method to use? Let the enemator medical defecation and bowel cleaning device inform you that you can wash it if you have water, and you can wash it at home. You only need a group of people and do not need help at all. You inject water into the body through the anus. Under the action of water, the stool in the intestinal tract is hardened and excreted, thus clearing the stool in the intestinal tract. The enemator medical defecation and bowel cleaning device can be done by a group in the toilet, it only takes a wash to clear the intestines and defecate.

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