Can the medical vaginal gynecological irrigator be used by itself?

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Can the medical vaginal gynecological flusher be used by itself?

Women can use their own medical vaginal gynecological douche vaginal douche? This question was actually answered long ago. General hospital doctors will advocate that it is best for women to go to the hospital or clinic, operated by professional medical staff to flush. However, people usually think that it is only flushing, which sounds like a very simple job. In addition, some women are shy, so many people prefer to flush themselves. In fact, the medical vaginal and gynecological irrigator is not as simple as washing hands and face. It is particular about the ratio of drugs, the control of dosage, the disinfection of things, and the methods of operation. If any part is not properly operated, it will encourage the growth of seedlings and may aggravate the disease.

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