Be careful when using the medical vaginal gynecological irrigator by yourself.

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Ms. Chen suffers from mycotic vaginitis, which has been recurring attacks for several years. Recently, the weather is wet, vaginitis attacks again. She bought a medical vaginal and gynecological flusher online and flushed it several times on her own. Unexpectedly, two days later, she suddenly suffered from lower abdomen and developed a high fever. After going to the hospital, the doctor informed Ms. Chen that she had acute pelvic inflammatory disease. Ms. Chen said she was puzzled why her vaginitis developed into pelvic inflammatory disease in just a few days. The doctor informed her that because the operation was not standardized when washing the vagina, the bacteria in the vagina entered the uterus through the cervix, which formed retrograde infection and formed acute pelvic inflammatory disease. Women in their own use of medical vaginal gynecological irrigators must be extra careful.

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