Medical vaginal gynecological irrigator can be used to rinse the old man

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What are the uses of medical vaginal gynecological irrigator, irrigator can not only be used for women's vaginal irrigation, but also can be used for anal cleaning and cleaning in old age and infants. First of all, women can use medical vaginal gynecological irrigator to clean the vulva before, after and after intercourse. Cleaning before intercourse can prevent intercourse infection. For your own health, it is best to ask men to clean it too. If it is after cleaning, pay attention to the use of three days after. Because women have more lochia after delivery, they should not be used immediately. It is advocated that they can be cleaned with a flusher one week after delivery, once a week. People in their later years may also use medical vaginal gynecological flushers because of inconvenient behavior and need to clean their anus. They may have some symptoms such as vaginitis in their later years, but it is better to use them with the company of their families. If it is to wash the wounds, bedsores, etc. of infants or the elderly, the weak and the disabled, the action must be gentle, and it is best to be operated by professional doctors or nursing staff.

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