Medical Vaginal and Gynecological irrigator Hospital irrigator

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Is the medical vaginal and gynecological irrigator used in the hospital?

Hospital-specific medical vaginal and gynecological irrigator, humanized planning fit ergonomics, made of imported advanced nano antibacterial materials, the texture of the flushing head is similar to that of human skin, and the medical irrigator also has the function of water flow massage, which can deepen flushing. Smooth, fine and suitable flushing head, can easily enter the vagina, will not scratch the mucous membrane arrangement, can be close to the vaginal wall spiral spray lotion, the vaginal fold recess straighten open, play a role in many aspects of cleaning and massage the vagina. More water hole planning, with a very precise squint point and partial point of view, so that the water in the vagina vortex attack, so that the drug evenly sprayed to the vagina in all parts. Imported medical nano silica gel materials have their own sterilization function. They feel like human skin and bend to a degree, so that the washed sewage arc can easily flow out without residue.

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