Disposable gynecological irrigator how to facilitate the use

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The use of medical gynecological irrigator, it is recommended that female friends use standing or lying down posture, if it is used to treat gynecological inflammation, it is best to lie down, is conducive to the drug stay in the vagina for a certain period of time to achieve the therapeutic effect. If the use of standing posture, slightly separate the legs, in the reservoir box pour liquid medicine and warm water, will rinse the head after the shake. Then hand-held disposable gynecological irrigator will flush head aimed at the pudendal, by hand to separate the pudendal, flushing head inserted, with the appropriate force to squeeze the liquid storage box, try to make the drug stay for about five minutes. At the same time, the speed of extrusion should not be too fast or too slow. Too fast will cause bacteria and other mixtures to enter the cervix. Too slow speed may cause pollution in the liquid medicine reflux bottle.

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