Enema Medical defecation and bowel clearing device to assist patients with tube disease

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defecation many suffering from cardiovascular disease enemies are very attention to defecation, defecation is not smooth when the force is mostly able to attack fainting, and even bring life risk. Therefore, for patients with cardiovascular disease who have poor defecation, it is very important to defecate effortlessly. Sometimes, it is necessary to defecate with external force under the condition of necessity. The medical defecation and bowel clearing device of the enema is a good helper to assist defecation easily. It brings substances that assist smooth stool hardening of the intestinal tract into the intestinal tract, adds smoothness of the intestinal tract, and assists soft stool to be discharged from the body again. The whole defecation process is basically effortless. The medical defecation and bowel clearing device of the enema device of the patients with cardiovascular diseases makes the patients more delayed.

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