What are the common brands of medical vaginal gynecological irrigators?

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What are the common brands of medical vaginal gynecological irrigators

What are the brands of medical vaginal gynecological irrigators? Genital infection is a common disease, a woman because of the special physiological structure, genital infection is very simple gynecological inflammation. Many medical machinery and equipment manufacturers are in the mall to launch their medical vaginal gynecological irrigator products. What are the common brands? Here are some medical brands of vaginal and gynecological irrigators. Common medical vaginal and gynecological irrigators on the market include Yibeikang, Barbie King Kong, Oliva, Evelman, Jiuer, Jieeryin, Yikang, Qiaozhi, Lekang, Aishang Wash, Ole, etc. Women in the choice of gynecological irrigator should pay attention to the selection of regular manufacturers of products, do not buy inferior irrigator, otherwise not only can not reach the cleaning intention, there may be brought in other bacteria to form a secondary infection.

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