What to pay attention to when using medical vaginal gynecological irrigator

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What problems should be paid attention to when using medical vaginal gynecological irrigators

The use of medical vaginal gynecological irrigator should pay special attention to the use of methods. It is advocated to disinfect the flusher with 75% medical alcohol before use, and to disinfect the hands of the co-user or wear clean gloves. A good flushing device will be marked with a scale on the liquid medicine box. The liquid medicine should not be too little. If it is too little, it will require repeated operations, which will damage the vagina briefly. Too much and waste. When distributing the liquid medicine, it should be distributed according to the doctor's instructions or the drug's statement. The concentration of the liquid medicine must be strictly in accordance with the specifications. It is not that the higher the concentration, the better. Too high concentration will destroy the acid-base balance in the vagina and even burn the skin. Vaginitis patients had better not use the water outlet pipe head hole irrigator, so simple to the vagina within the bacteria to the cervix, but the formation of a deeper infection.

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