The status of medical vaginal gynecological irrigators should be used

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Medical vaginal gynecological irrigator is suitable for the following conditions, the first kind, pregnant mother daily cleaning. Pregnant woman because the body immunity drops, and the vaginal secretion increases, very simple vaginitis. In the first three months of pregnancy, pregnant mothers can use medical vaginal gynecological irrigators to clean the vagina, but be careful not to be too frequent. If you feel unwell, you should seek medical treatment immediately. Second, maternal cleaning. Women who have just given birth are not suitable for bathing and bathing for a long time, but vaginal cleaning must be done carefully. Proper use of medical vaginal gynecological irrigator to clean the vagina helps to adhere to the vaginal clean. Third, women with gynecological diseases should distribute liquid medicine and use irrigators under the guidance of doctors. Other attention should be paid to the fact that medical vaginal and gynecological irrigators can only be used exclusively by special personnel and cannot be mixed to prevent interspersed infections.

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