Do you know what is a medical vaginal gynecological irrigator?

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The production of medical vaginal gynecological irrigator is to provide women with a supplies that can be used for vaginal cleaning and flushing. It can also be used together with drug potions as an aid in the treatment of gynecological related diseases. Medical vaginal and gynecological irrigators are generally composed of liquid storage bags, catheters, flow switches and flushing number one. Now there are many medical equipment manufacturers on the market to produce medical vaginal and gynecological irrigators with different uses and functions. The use of medical vaginal gynecological irrigator can be divided into medical and household, medical irrigator and household irrigator is not the same. In general, medical medical vaginal gynecological irrigator composition structure is more complex, demand by professional doctors to operate, household medical vaginal gynecological irrigator structure is simple, simple operation, women can operate alone.

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