What should I pay attention to in the medical defecation and bowel clearing device of the enemator

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Medical bowel enema bowel clearing device is a kind of medical equipment and tools for assisting patients to defecate. It is ordinary and exquisite in size, easy to carry, complex in operation, and safe in health. Intestinal enema medical defecation and bowel clearing device is usually composed of flushing head, liquid inlet pipe, liquid storage bottle, liquid outlet pipe, water outlet valve and so on. Some enema medical defecation device is manual, and some are electric. Whether it is manual or electric, the basic working principle is similar. After filling the intestinal cleaning liquid into the liquid storage bottle, it is driven by squeezing the airbag or electric power to inject the intestinal cleaning liquid into the anus and intestinal tract, so as to achieve the effect of promoting intestinal peristalsis and assisting excretion. The use of enema medical defecation device has the following aspects to pay attention. First of all, the operator should clean and disinfect his hands before use, and disinfect the enema medical defecation and bowel cleansing device. Second, the intestinal liquid can not use tap water, must use pure water, very good is mineral water, bottled water may be cool boiled water. Third, the enema medical defecation and bowel clearing device should be shared by special personnel and cannot be used interspersed. Fourth, if the use of liquid medicine as intestinal liquid, the concentration and dose of liquid medicine should be in accordance with the statement to ratio. Fifth, if the flushing head is pushed into the anus and feels uncomfortable, you can apply a large amount of olive oil or soapy water to the flushing head as a smoothness. Sixth, children and the elderly if you want to use the enema medical bowel clearing device, it is good to use the doctor or nurse's guidance, or by the family in accordance with the doctor's instructions to operate.

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