The Harm of Constipation Why Use Medical Defecation and Intestinal Clearance

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The Harm of Constipation Why Use Medical Defecation Clearing Intestinal Constipation

Defecation bowel clearing apparatus constipation refers to the performance of defecation too few times or defecation difficulties, such as dry stool. In China, about 1 in every 10 groups is affected by constipation, and elderly women and the elderly are prone to constipation. Some people do not pay attention to the results of constipation, think about the important. But constipation can be big or small. If a group has temporary constipation, it can add other diseases and even have the risk of colorectal cancer. This is due to the fact that human feces contain a carcinogen, medically known as "secondary bile acid", which is derived from the bile secreted by the liver and resides in the feces. The "secondary bile acid" in the intestinal body of constipation is temporarily in contact with the intestinal mucosa, which will add its opportunity to comfort the mucosa from time to time. From this point of view, constipation is easy to induce colorectal cancer. Of course, in addition to the "secondary bile acid" in the stool, there are many digested current food residues and bacteria. Bacterial toxins and toxic products of bacterial fermentation, if can be discharged in a short time, will not have much impact on the human body. But if due to constipation and long time to stay in the intestinal cavity, the intestinal mucosa of the comfort and local absorption of water-soluble substances are harmless to the human body. According to a follow-up survey of colorectal cancer patients and non-colorectal cancer patients by American medical scientists, the incidence of colorectal cancer in people with a history of constipation is more than four times that of normal people. Thus, develop the habit of current defecation, avoid the onset of constipation, can prevent colorectal cancer. When presenting constipation for too long, it is recommended to use enema medical defecation and bowel clearing device to assist in defecation.

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