Disposal of other enema medical defecation and bowel clearing device

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The reporter interviewed to introduce to us how he created the enema medical defecation and bowel clearing device and why he registered medical science and technology unlimited enterprises. He was bitten by a dog and suffered from nervous constipation. Not only is it inconvenient for the body to move, but the mood is also depressed. It is decided to study a kind of material sensitive toilet for my sister. Later, he really succeeded, not only dealing with his sister's constipation, but also dealing with the constipation of other little sisters in the same ward. As a result, many people come to help make medical bowel enema bowel clearing device. In this process, it is found that in addition to some sick and injured patients will have constipation, the constipation of the elderly is also a common phenomenon. China is a society with a relatively high level of aging. Thinking that many elderly people will cause great inconvenience to their lives due to constipation, they decided to promote their own products to benefit those who need assistance. Therefore, in 2006, it registered unlimited medical technology enterprises and tried to make the products better. The enterprise has participated in the components and one-key operation switches on the foundation of the original commodity, and so on, which has further improved the function of the commodity.

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