The precautions for medical defecation and bowel clearing devices of enema are

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The application method and matters needing attention of medical defecation and bowel clearing device

The medical bowel enemator is frequently used in people's daily life and well-being. The detailed application methods of this product are: wash hands first and wear disposable gloves; Then put a certain amount of warm water (must be clean water) into the container; Then put the flushing head into the anus and put the other end of the airbag into the container. Hold the airbag and squeeze it to stop cleaning. What needs attention is that before using the enema medical defecation and bowel cleaning device, one should pay attention to hygiene, wash hands and wear disposable gloves. Before and after use, the goods should be cleaned and cleaned. Relatively cannot be shared with others; The distribution of drugs should be based on the statement or doctor's advice; Children under 12 years old should be used with the assistance of doctors or nurses.

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