Effect of medical vaginal gynecological irrigator and its products

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Effect of medical vaginal gynecological irrigator products: patients can clean and sterilize the vagina before and after surgery to prevent infection. women suffer from bacterial, fungal, vaginitis, cervicitis, etc. they have sterilization and antipruritic effects on vulvitis and vulvar pruritus, reduce the disease transmission rate for vaginal diseases and diseases of women, and are also used for cleaning and sanitation after menstruation, before and after delivery, and before and after sexual affairs. Women's physiological inflammation, cervicitis, vaginitis caused by various bacteria, are multiple common diseases, with social progress, open-mindedness and changes in sexual concepts, women's physiological diseases and venereal diseases have shown a trend in recent years. According to calculations by relevant departments, as many as 60% suffer from gynecological diseases in our country, of which more than 98% are married women, second only to the incidence of colds, which harms women's health.

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