The use of medical vaginal gynecological irrigator approach is

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The application method of medical vaginal gynecological irrigator is at the top of the list: first prepare the utensils for irrigating (it must be disinfected to ensure sterility), configure the gynecological irrigating agent according to the rules, second: install the arrow of the irrigating nozzle to one end of the airbag according to the rules, third: put the pipette of the irrigator into the container of the solution, slightly separate the legs to pierce the irrigating head into the vagina, fourth: hold the airbag repeatedly and quickly squeeze, the flushing fluid can enter the vagina through the air pressure, and the vagina can be pulled out immediately after the liquid medicine is sprayed into the vagina to prevent the backflow from forming secondary pollution. Fifth, after the application, the flushing nozzle is disassembled and cleaned, the flushing device is cleaned and sterilized with cold boiled water or normal saline, and the storage environment should be dry and clean.

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