Uncover the peculiar function of medical vaginal gynecological irrigator

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The components of this product are organic box, liquid storage barrel, heating barrel, circulating water pump, flushing water pump, temperature sensor, temperature controller, flushing water gun, water nozzle, medical balloon, concave and convex liquid inlet nozzle, medical balloon, medical PVC pipe, etc. And according to the pressure of the hydraulic system to prevent the reverse flow of water to prevent infection of bacteria. The product has a multi-purpose function of one machine, which can shorten the cleaning time, reduce the damage in the vagina, reduce the pain, health, health and comfort. According to the unique concept of human body planning, the outlet has great flushing pressure and strong flushing effect, which can flush and massage the inner wall of the vagina more comprehensively and completely, and will not cause discomfort such as damage and pain to the vagina. Have a better sense of experience to prevent bacteria in the raw.

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