To assist patients with medical vaginal gynecological flusher

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To assist patients with medical vaginal gynecological irrigator

Medical vaginal gynecological irrigator is to assist patients with gynecological diseases a cleaner, it is based on the principle of bionics planning out of the product. According to the structure of a woman's vagina, the scale is reasonable and conforms to the human body planning. The skin is soft and elastic, fine, moist, elastic and slippery, safe and comfortable, and the flushing is convenient and comfortable. The water outlet is misty and empty. The precise water outlet inclination is interwoven and arranged, which increases the flushing scale, improves the flushing effect and reduces bacterial infection. Other products can not achieve this effect, its advantages are: can be combined with agents, but also can be separated and used, the use of convenience, standardized diversification. It is a vagina for patients with a variety of diseases, and to help patients deal with the difficult pain of the unspeakable.

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