Household enemator medical defecation bowel clearing device commodity characteristics

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The commodity characteristics of the household enemator medical defecation and bowel clearing device are secondary to the following aspects: the 1. effect is rapid, and other methods usually require a period of time. 2. without any reaction: water is filtered and disinfected water, water is the basic information of the human body, the diameter of the tube is 0.8cm, will not form any damage to the anal sphincter. 3. high safety: the United States 50 years without accident, temperature and pressure are relatively safe range. People usually believe 4. they can see the toxins and waste coming out. In addition, household enema medical defecation and bowel clearing device can stop a wide range of cleaning and have a certain effect of curing diseases. Intestinal fragmentary cleaning and drug treatment can prevent various diseases and strengthen physical fitness.

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