Does the enema medical defecation and bowel clearing device have a reaction

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In recent years, enema medical defecation device more and more hot, more and more people of all ages and classes of love, the secondary reason is its enema convenient and easy to operate, can be a great result of relieving constipation, is conducive to the well-being of the human body, but this machine really as long as the benefits and no harm? That must not be. Although the medical bowel enemator is very easy to use and very healthy and hygienic, it really has some adverse effects that few people will mention. If this device is used temporarily, it is also harmless. It can destroy the useless bacteria in the intestinal tract, greatly increase the useless bacteria, balance the intestinal flora, and is not conducive to the well-being of the intestinal tract. Therefore, the demand for using this device can be limited and cannot be controlled.

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