It is very important that the medical vaginal gynecological irrigator does not leave water at the top.

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Women and friends who have used medical vaginal and gynecological irrigators all know that there is no water outlet plan at the top of the irrigator. Some women and friends will wonder why there is no water at the top of the irrigator, so will the private parts be unclean? In fact, there is no need to worry about this problem. The plan that the top of the irrigator does not produce water is actually to better maintain a woman's uterus, because the irrigator is mainly used for a woman's vagina, and the top of the vagina connects the cervix, which is the uterus. If the water comes out of the top of the flusher, it is likely to bring the surrounding sewage into the uterus, bringing greater security risks. Therefore, medical vaginal gynecological irrigator, the top of the water is very important and safe.

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